Options and teeth for buckets

Custom product specialists, we offer a broad choice of options to customise your buckets.


Strengthening the bucket

Depending on the application, your tool can be reinforced as necessary by wear parts such as:

  • Shields,
  • Side cutters, flats, double-bottoms, corner protections, shoes, etc.

Bucket blade options:

  • Blade format: DELTA, semi-DELTA
  • Shields, removable or welded
  • Plane blade, counter-blades, etc.

For further information, contact us.

Blade equipped, straight

Blade equipped, delta

Blade equipped, straight, with inter-tine shield

Blade equipped, delta, with inter-tine shield

Plane blade


ACB+ is a designer: We can therefore supply your chosen brand and model of tine only as initial equipment. Replacements for wear parts, spikes and adapters on your tools should therefore be provisioned through the agent for the corresponding manufacturer.

To identify the tine size for your machine, consult “Choosing tools properly as a function of the machine”.

Tooth class Range of forces at the tooth [kN] BYG FUTURA Twister CASE Smartfit CAT J CAT K C-REX COMBI C / PROCLAWS ESCO Ultralok
D5 35 to 52.5 SF4SYL CAT0 135-9390 MINI T29
D8 52.5 to 62.5 FT130S SF5SYL J200 1U3202 / CAT2 6Y6335 MIDI T29 V13SYL
D10 62.5 to 90 FT170S SF10SYL J225 6Y3222 C0T29 V17TYL
D15 90 to 122.5 FT190S SF15SYL J250 1U3252 R10GPE C1T35 U20S
D20 122.5 to 150 FT230S SF20SYL J300 1U3302 K80 220-9089 R14GPE U25S
D30 150 to 215 FT290S SF25SYL J350 1U3352 K90 220-9099 R18GPE U30S
D40 215 to 270 FT330S SF30SYL J400 7T3402 K100 220-9109 R23GPE W10GPE U35S
D55 270 to 340 FT390S J450/J460 K110 220-9119 R29GPE W20GPE U40S
D65 340 to 411 FT430S
J550 K130 220-9119 W25GPE U45S
D80 411 to 540 U60C
D5 35 to 52.5 M15 MG5L 5GPC DE365/17-7
D8 52.5 to 62.5 FKMCE SDMTLS MG8L 8GPC
D10 62.5 to 90 20C FK1TLR SD1TLS 531-03205 XS04SYL MG10L 10GPE
D15 90 to 122.5 FK2TLR SD3TLS XS05SYL MA15U 15GPE
D20 122.5 to 150 222TLR FK3TLR SD4TLS K15SYL XS10SYL MA20U 20GPE
D30 150 to 215 FK4TLR SD5TLS K20SYL MA30U 30GPE
D40 215 to 270 24TLR FK5TLR SD7TLS K25SYL MA40U 40GPE
D55 270 to 340 26TLR FK7TLR SD8TLS K30SYL MA50U 55GPE
D65 340 to 411 28TLR FK9TLR SD9TLS K40SYL MA60U 65GPE
D80 411 to 540 FK11PR

Reversible bolt-on counter-blades

All scraper tools can be equipped with a reversible bolt-on counter-blade, to protect the leading blade and thus extend its life cycle.

On request, scrapers can be equipped with RBCB from module 0 up to module 4.

When worn, they can be replaced on modules 0 to 7, to give the tool another life.

Bucket transport hooks on site

Transport hooks are now integrated as standard on the mounts of our hoe buckets modules 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4.

For the others, we can supply two hooks to be welded on the bucket sides, for transporting buckets on the work site. You’ll be able to hook several hoe buckets onto your scraper blade, thus providing transport across the site.

Part numbers:

  • M0 = 5047903
  • M1 and M2 = 5059959
  • M3 and M4 = 5045419
  • M5 and M6 = 5019418

These part numbers must be ordered in pairs.


Custom logos in steel

This option customises your buckets with a welded steel logo, to the image of your company.

Numbered steel identifier plates

This option allows you to assign an identifier or number, specific to your internal organisation, to each tool. A cut-out plate showing this identifier is welded on your product at the factory.


Paint finish

ACB+ has its own painting booths, allowing us to paint your tools in the RAL colour of your choice.

Mound work option

It is a bucket equipped with an inverted kit allowing direct attachment to the coupler in the Morin Original system, so as to work as a mound.

This principle is available for buckets of modules 0 to 7 and is completely customizable.

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