ROTO+ Rotating couplers

Using the 360° rotation, do up to 80% of the work of a tiltrotator with a more economical solution. Available in hydraulic or mechanical version, for carriers from 2 to 10 tons (on demand for others machines models more over 10 tons)

ACB+ ROTO+ rotating couplers, for mechanical tools or for mechanical and hydraulic tools, offer the possibility of precisely orienting all ACB+ buckets and tools, with unlimited rotation. It’s available for Morin Original System and the original CW Verachtert, S Nordic system and SW Original Liehberr.

This system offers a time saving of 10% in excavation, 30% in networks and 50% in construction, while also eliminating manual work.

Discover now the ROTO+ orientable coupler, design and manufacturing by ACB+, for input all this potential to win in efficiency and productivity