The Morin Original system, for a connection without play

This renowned quick attachment system was designed by the Morin brothers in the nineties. It is patented and the patent is held by ACB+.

It is acknowledged for its play-compensation locking, that contributes to ensuring a long working life for the connection, including when used with a hydraulic hammer.

Over the last thirty years, more than 150 000 machines have been equipped with the Morin Original system, that provides the peace of mind and productivity that you’re looking for.

The other strong point of the Morin Original system is that it respects the original kinematics of the excavators on which it is installed. For example, our Morin Original system Module 1 couplers exist with more than 50 possible machine kinematics. Indeed, it is very important that the installation of a quick attachment doesn’t change the travel and pull-out forces defined by the vehicle manufacturers.

The latest changes concern the cast coupler casing, giving extremely robust construction, robotised welds and the dual safety system, compliant with the latest standards (standard ISO 13031 : 2016).

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