Product guide for excavators

Quick Couplers S+

For carriers from 0.8kg to 30t

ACB+, renowned for its Morin Original couplers, is taking a new step forward by launching its latest innovation: the S+ coupler range.

Specifically designed for hydraulic excavators weighing 2 to 30 tons and compatible with tools equipped with axes to the “S” standard, these new couplers represent the result of intensive work focused on innovation and performance.

All of ACB+’s know-how and experience is now available in the S system.

  • First axis secured “as soon as possible”
  • Engaging shape to facilitate pickup
  • Indicator for proper locking
  • Hydraulic locking without leaving the cabin
  • Tool reversibility
  • Respect for original kinematics and manufacturer’s load charts

At the heart of this new range are three patents that embody ACB+’s commitment to excellence and safety. These innovations ensure securing the first axis “as soon as possible,” ergonomic hooks facilitating tool insertion with an engaging shape, as well as clear and reliable indication of proper locking conditions.

Not only do S+ couplers embody innovation, but they also perpetuate the performance and reliability associated with ACB+’s Original Morin system by meticulously adhering to the original kinematics and load charts of manufacturers while offering a simple and robust solution.

Its design allows for the reversibility of all tools, thus providing increased versatility on the construction site.

S+ coupler features

  • Securing the 1st axis: S+ couplers are equipped with double locking to ensure optimal safety. The first locking mechanism, compliant with EN474-1 standards, engages automatically as soon as the first axis of the tool is inserted into the hooks, thereby preventing any risk of falling during the hooking operation. The second hydraulic locking is controlled by the operator when the second axis is in place.
  • Patented engaging shape: The hooks of S+ couplers have an engaging shape that provides comfortable angular tolerance, thus facilitating the process of attaching tools even when they are in unfavorable positions relative to the coupler.
  • Good locking indicator: A unique indicator on the coupler confirms that the axes are in place and the locks are correctly engaged, ensuring complete safety during hooking operations.
  • Hydraulic version: S+ couplers are exclusively available in hydraulic version.
  • Protection against overpressure: The cylinders integrated into S+ couplers are equipped with a safety valve and pressure limitation to prevent any problems during use, ensuring the durability and safety of the system.

These features make S+ couplers a robust and secure solution, offering professionals in the industry an advanced and tailored solution to their most demanding needs.

Technical specifications

S+ hydraulic coupler range

Specifications S+30 S+40 S+45 S+50 S+60 S+70 Unité
Weight of load-bearing machine 0.8 à 2 2 à 6.5 5 à 10 6 à 11 10 à 18 18 à 30 [t]
Max. breakout torque 15 35 88 88 160 320 [kN.m]
Max. breakout force ISO 20 40 73 73 130 200 [kN]
Tool axis diameters 30 40 45 50 60 70 [mm]
Tool center distance 200 300 430 430 480 600 [mm]
Tool width 180 200 290 270 340 450 [mm]
Max. dipperstick width 150(*) 200(*) 270 250 330(*) 430(*) [mm]
Weight (depending on machine) (*) (*) 100 95 (*) (*) [kg]
CMU (coupling) 2 3 4 4 5(*) 5+5(*) [t]
Operating pressure 200 200 200 200 200 200 [bar]
Flow rate 2 4 5 5 6 6 [l/mn]
Hydraulic layout (*) (*) 1/4'' 1/4'' (*) (*) BSP

(*) Values subject to change

The S+45 and S+50 couplers will be available starting from autumn 2024, while the S+30, S+40, S+60, and S+70 couplers will gradually complement this new range.

Our range of S+ couplers reuses the manufacturer’s balanced rocker arm axes.