Published on 28/05/2024

New: The S+ Coupler

We are excited to introduce our latest innovation: the S+ coupler range by ACB+. Inspired by years of experience and expertise, this range pushes the boundaries of safety and performance in the field of equipment for hydraulic excavators.

New Innovation: Discover the S+ Couplers by ACB+!

The S+ couplers have been specifically designed to meet the needs of industry professionals, offering early-stage securing of the first axis through a double locking mechanism that complies with the strictest standards. This unique feature ensures optimal safety during attachment operations, preventing any risk of dropping.

But that’s not all! The hooks of the S+ couplers feature a patented engaging shape, making it easier to introduce tools even in difficult positions. Additionally, a secure locking indicator provides a clear and reliable validation, ensuring that attachment operations are carried out safely.

The main features of the S+ couplers include:

  • Securing of the first axis as soon as the tool is introduced
  • Ergonomic hooks with an engaging shape
  • Reliable locking indicator for secure validation
  • Exclusively available in hydraulic version
  • Integrated overpressure protection

These features make the S+ couplers a robust and secure solution, meeting the most demanding needs of industry professionals.