Job reports

Published on 21/03/2022

LISIE the subsea mini-excavator

Our optimised design makes our products strong and durable. Our Morin Original system couplers and plates were selected to equip LISIE. LISIE is the subsea mini-excavator manufactured by WaterTracks and designed to work in restricted spaces (cofferdam passage scraping, dredging a water intake tunnel, immersed tunnel, etc.). This robotised machine will work entirely immersed, in waters down to a depth of 300m.

To execute its missions, LISIE is therefore equipped with the Morin Original Module 1 mechanical coupler and plate M1 with a fixed connector of the same dimensions and drilled holes as the boring tool.


  • Machine rating 22 kW
  • Dredging pump rating 22 kW
  • Max. working depth 300 m
  • Tools: MorinOriginal System Coupler M1 with Plate M1