Published on 22/03/2022

Our new website is online!

Welcome to our new website: more complete, easier to use and offering new services!

Discover what lies behind the strength of the ACB+ brand with our presentation pages:

  • Our DNA
  • A comprehensive, multi-systems offer
  • The Morin Original System
  • Efficient and durable products
  • Our Safety+ commitment
  • International coverage
  • Where can you find our products?
  • Our French industrial facility
  • Our CSR commitment

Individual advice to help you choose the right equipment:

  • Which coupler to choose?
  • Our reversibility solutions
  • Which modules and tools should you choose?
  • Options and tines for buckets
  • Lifting capability check
  • Identifying the module of your equipment

Detailed product data sheets:

  • Equipment for excavators
    • Couplers
    • Tools
  • Equipment for loaders
    • Tools

Exclusive services with, in particular:

  • A bucket configurer for excavators
  • A bucket configurer for loaders
  • A product guide compatible with your excavator!

And finally, an assistance section containing:

  • Customer service
  • The guarantee
  • Handling instructions
  • Spare parts

We hope you like this new website. We would be pleased to receive any ideas and comments on our contact page.