Published on 30/03/2023

Unleash your productivity with our new ROTO+ rotating coupler

The ROTO+ rotating coupler is the solution designed and manufactured by ACB+ that meets the versatility requirements of your construction sites.

Compared to a tiltrotator, it allows you to perform over 80% of the tasks carried out with a tiltrotator, with real advantages in terms of performance, driving, and integration with the machine. Lighter, more compact, with higher hydraulic flow rate, easier to install, and more cost-effective, the rotating solution has real advantages.

Compared to a standard coupler, it provides a 10% time saving in excavation, 30% in civil engineering, and 50% in landscaping, simply because you can go into the smallest details of your work.

Compared to a tilting coupler, it offers more mobility but also the precision required, particularly for civil engineering applications, such as shaping complex slopes, filling trenches, working on slopes and rocks, handling pallets, and finishing work around obstacles.

A rotation that tilts your bucket: thanks to the combination of rotation, bucket kinematics, and rotating coupler kinematics, you can perform all your slope and trench filling work.

The rotating coupler is the perfect solution for the versatility requirements of your construction sites. In fact, it allows for a wider range of uses than tilting couplers and provides the precision required, particularly for civil engineering applications: shaping complex slopes, pouring and filling trenches, working on slopes and rocks, moving pallets, working around pipes, sorting, compacting, hydraulic hammering…

The ROTO+ rotating coupler is easy and quick for drivers to handle, thanks to its compact design and its control by a single auxiliary hydraulic function. The irreversible principle of the wheel and worm naturally keeps the tool in the right position.

No major modifications or extra equipment are necessary for the installation of the ROTO+ rotating coupler. Most machines are equipped with 2 auxiliary lines, and the higher flow rate line is kept for powering tools such as a clamp or a hydraulic breaker.

The ROTO+ rotating coupler can be optionally equipped with a hydraulic swivel joint whose flow rates allow for the use of a hydraulic breaker or a sorting clamp (standard for the hydraulic version) and, optionally, with an electric swivel joint.

To assist you in your equipment choices, the rotating coupler in its mechanical and hydraulic versions can be equipped with a 2D/3D sensor compatible with the main manufacturers of guidance systems. (TOPCON, TRIMBLE, LEICA, IDIG)

Installed here on a Bobcat E55Z with a Morin Original module 2 system, the ROTO+ rotating coupler is available from module 1 to module 4 or from 2t to 10t for Verachtert CW, S Nordic, or SW Liebherr Original attachment systems (in association with specific attachments).

Don’t hesitate any longer, boost the productivity and versatility of your equipment with our ROTO+ rotating coupler.