Product guide for excavators

Forestry root rake

M0 to M7+ Carriers from 800kg to 50t

The forestry root rake is ideal for the job of creating forest swaths. It has an aggressive form for moving stumps and wood. Its open profile allows you to drag your swaths to the foot of your machine.

The forestry root rake comprises a series of very thick cores equipped, where appropriate, tines at the ends. Transversal rigidity is provided by the blade and a series of webs.

Options and teeth for buckets

Available in systems

Technical data

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Module Reference Width Weight Number of claws Pitch Coupler size
(mm) Bucket (kg)* mm
Module 1
Carriers from 2t to 3.5t
Rake-1E-400mm 400 64 4 113 M1S
Module 2
Carriers from 3.5t to 5.5t
Rake-2E-1400mm 1400 149 8 170 M2S
Module 3
Carriers from 5.5t to 7.5t
Rake-3E-835mm 835 227 6 100 M3S
Rake-3E-1495mm 1495 298 8 145
Module 4
Carriers from 7.5t to 10t
Currently being created M4S
Module 5
Carriers from 10t to 15t
Rake-5E-1940mm 1940 818 8 180 M5S
Module 6
Carriers from 15t to 24t
Rake-6E-2000mm 2000 812 6 352 M6S
Rake-6E-2500mm 2500 998 6 370
Module 7
Carriers from 24t to 45t
Currently being created M7S