Product guide for excavators

Rock ripper bucket

M5 to M7+ Carriers from 10.5t to 90t

The rock ripper bucket has an open, slim profile and a very forward blade. It is the ideal tool for breaking down rocky walls or tunnel working. The flat part of the bucket profile allows the blocks extracted to be easily moved.

The rock ripper bucket is robustly constructed, based on a standard bucket beam. It is equipped with a delta, has thick sides and/or is strengthened by a central core. This type of bucket is specifically designed to meet the needs of your work site.

Options and teeth for buckets

Available in systems

Technical data

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Module Profile Min. Width Max. Width Coupler size
Module 5
Carriers from 10t to 15t
5E 600 1000 M5S
Module 6
Carriers from 15t to 24t
6E 700 1100 M6S
Module 7
Carriers from 24t to 45t
7E 850 1400 M7S