Product guide for excavators

Skeleton grid bucket

M0 to M4 Carriers from 800kg to 10.5t

Skeleton grid backhoes are designed for the sorting, sifting and filtering of materials.
For example, you can remove cobblestones and separate them from the sand in which they were laid.
The bucket mesh is obtained by the spacing of the vertical webs and the gap between the horizontal bars.
An alternative to this construction is to make a grid:  a thick base is cut out to the dimensions of the mesh.
For this type of product, we propose one or two standard meshes, but tailored to meet your need is preferable.

The buckets are of conventional construction. They are particularly robust and have options and our expertise to order.
The skeleton grid backhoes have a minimum pitch of 50mm, unlike the grid backhoes which are not limited.

Options and teeth for buckets

Available in systems

Technical data

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Module Profile Min. Width Max. Width Coupler size
(mm) (mm)
Module 0
Carriers from 800kg to 2t
P1N 500 1000 M0S
Module 1
Carriers from 2t to 3.5t
P1N 500 1000 M1S
Module 2
Carriers from 3.5t to 5.5t
P1N 500 1000 M2S
Module 3
Carriers from 5.5t to 7.5t
P1N 500 1200 M3S
Module 4
Carriers from 7.5t to 10t
P1E 500 1200 M4S