Published on 20/06/2023

Rotating Sorting Grapple GR07

On a rock construction site, the use of a rotating sorting grapple proves essential for efficiently handling materials.

The versatile tool for rock construction work

Imagine a rugged landscape where rocks of various sizes need to be moved and strategically positioned to create retaining structures or landscape features.

The construction team, equipped here with a Kubota excavator fitted with a rotating sorting grapple, tackles the site.

The GR07 rotating sorting grapple, securely attached to the excavator arm, is ready to be used. The operators assess the terrain, evaluate the rocks to be moved, and plan their rock construction strategy.

When a rock is chosen, the excavator maneuvers precisely to position the sorting grapple near the targeted rock.

The closing of the sorting grapple is ensured by a horizontal cylinder protected by the main casing of the grapple. The supply hoses are also protected by this casing.

The operators precisely control the applied force during the grapple’s closing using the pressure limiter, thus avoiding any risk of damage to the load or the grapple itself. The addition of the dual pilot-operated check valve further ensures secure gripping of the loads without the risk of accidental release. Thanks to its high-strength steel jaws, even the blade corners ensure a good grip on the blocks.

Once the rock is firmly grasped, the excavator lifts and moves it to its final destination. The rotating sorting grapple allows for precise positioning, even in hard-to-reach areas, thanks to its rotational function. The operators can adjust the angle and position of the rock according to project requirements, thus ensuring seamless integration into the existing environment.

This process is repeated throughout the construction site, allowing the construction team to move and position rocks with remarkable efficiency and precision. The sorting grapple greatly facilitates rock construction work, reducing the time and effort required to complete tasks while ensuring the safety of the operators.

Of course, it is also useful in many other applications.


Machine : Kubota U55.4

Connection : Martin

Model : Pince de Tri GR07

Finish : Démolition, Coquille à grille

Rotation : 360°

Flow rate : 10/20 l/min

Pressure : 80 bar

Weight : 289 kg

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