Published on 24/05/2023


What's the difference between these two photos? Besides the weather and the landscape... We have here two identical Komatsu PC210LC machines, both equipped with their XHD 1,300 mm buckets. So, have you found it? Not easy... Well, it's the application that changes and therefore the options of the XHD bucket.


The first Komatsu, delivered under the sun, is equipped with a 1,300mm XHD bucket, a rock-breaking tooth, and a bolted plate for a Komatsu BRH. It has taken up residence in the ski resort of Fon-Romeu (66) to refurbish the slopes and renovate the chairlift.

It will therefore have to carry out earthworks and demolition work in rock. The bucket is therefore reinforced with pads, plates, side knives, and a blade equipped with teeth Komatsu to withstand the demands placed on it. The rock-breaking tooth will allow rocks to be extracted using a “lever” movement. A BRH is added to break up blocks.

The second Komatsu PC210LC is also intended for work in the mountains. The difference is that the demands placed on it will be less and it has taken up residence in the Ariege mountains (09).

Its 1,300 mm XHD bucket is only equipped with side knives and a blade equipped with teeth Métalogénia to protect the bucket’s attack zones. This lighter configuration allows it to reduce its weight by 124 kg without losing capacity and performance. It also has a tilting cleaning bucket to benefit from a large load capacity and thus move rubble while adjusting the ground.

Given the conditions and materials encountered, the users had specific needs but a common goal: to obtain reliable, high-performance equipment.

Komatsu Midi-Pyrénées naturally turned to us to meet their similar yet different expectations.

They knew that at ACB+ they would find

  • A sales team that is available and ready to listen
  • Product knowledge to define the perfect bucket or at least get as close as possible
  • Customised production
  • Respect for deadlines
  • Prices that are coherent with the business.

It is for all these good reasons, cited by Komatsu Midi-Pyrénées, that we thank them for these sales and for the confidence they have once again shown in us.


Machines : Komatsu 210LC

Connection: CW40S

Model: XHD Bucket

Profile: 62P1E

Width: 1,300 mm

Capacity: 1.17m3

Weight: 1,052 kg

Options: Pads and plates, side knives, Straight blade equipped with Kprime P025RC teeth


Model: Bolted plate for Komatsu BRH


Model: Ripper tooth

Profile: 6E

Dimensions: R=1125 80mm

Tooth: KPrime P040

Model: XHD Bucket

Profile: 62P1E

Width: 1,300 mm

Capacity: 1.168m3

Weight: 928 kg

Options: Side knives, Straight blade equipped with MA30E teeth

Model: Tilting cleaning bucket

Profile: 6CP3

Width: 2,000 mm

Capacity: 1.045m3

Weight: 1,296 kg

Options: Reversible bolted counter blade