Product guide for excavators

Rock handling bucket

M3 to M7+ Carriers from 5.5t to 90t

Rock handling bucket needs both gripping and block depositing capabilities. The rock handling bucket will meet these two needs.
The rock handling bucket is robustly constructed, with a thicker blade, lateral protection and a more forward blade. We shall adapt this tool to your application, incorporating specific protections on the blade, the bucket bottom or the ball-guide webs.

Options and teeth for buckets

Available in systems

Technical data

This is an example of realization, all our tools are customizable, find out more.

Module Profile Min. Width Max. Width Coupler size
Module 3
Carriers from 5.5t to 7.5t
P1N 600 1000 M3S
Module 4
Carriers from 7.5t to 10t
P1E 700 1000 M4S
Module 5
Carriers from 10t to 15t
P1E 1000 1400 M5S
Module 6
Carriers from 15t to 24t
P1E 1000 1400 M6S
Module 7
Carriers from 24t to 45t
P1E 1400 1600 M7S