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Quarry bucket

M5 to M7+ Carriers from 10.5t to 100t

Every rock extraction site is specific. You need the right bucket for your application. There is no need to strengthen a bucket excessively if there is no wear in your quarry. Conversely, if wear is a real factor for your application, we shall propose an appropriately equipped bucket. Initially, we can propose a bucket from our range that is close to your specification. That will be followed up by a 3D sketch incorporating your customisation needs, for approval. Safety is one of our main priorities, and we shall thus propose a confirmation of the machine’s capability with the product thus specified.

We are particularly careful when making buckets for use in quarries. Materials are selected as a function of their weldability, and specific procedures are adopted to ensure optimum fatigue resistance: preheating, treatment of Thermally Affected Zones (ZAT) in critical welds, etc. For conventionally assembled buckets, we bore the entire beam and fasteners in line, to ensure the perfect geometry necessary for a long working life.

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