Product guide for excavators

Vine stock tear out rake

M0 to M7 Carriers from 800kg to 15t

The vine stock tear out rake is dedicated to vine-growing activities. The web spacing allows vine stocks to be extracted and the roots, vine stocks and gravel/soil to be sorted in one operation.
This tool loosens the soil and stimulates the initial and continued development of the future plants.

The rake profile webs are strengthened transversally by bars and a blade, which make this type of tool extremely rigid. The cutting blade and tines are also suitable to this work.

Options and teeth for buckets

Available in systems

Technical data

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Module Profile Min. Width Max. Width
Module 0
Carriers from 800kg to 2t
P1 600 1200
Module 1
Carriers from 2t to 3.5t
P1 800 1400
Module 2
Carriers from 3.5t to 5.5t
P1 1000 1500
Module 3
Carriers from 5.5t to 7.5t
CT3N 1000 1800
Module 4
Carriers from 7.5t to 10t
4CP1E 1400 2000
Module 5
Carriers from 10t to 15t
5CP2E 1600 2200