Product guide for excavators


M0 to M4 Carriers from 800kg to 10.5t

The rake is intended for small landscaping finishing jobs: levelling, sorting of clods and ground materials, scarification and loosening.

Like the gardener’s rake, this tool comprises a beam on which pointed fingers are welded.

Available in systems

Production example

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Module   Part number Width Weight Number of claws Pitch Coupler size
(mm) Bucket (kg)* (mm)
Module 0
Carriers from 800kg to 2t
Rake-0E-1200 1200 50 18 60 M0S
Module 1
Carriers from 2t to 3.5t
Rake-1E-1200 1200 50 18 60 M1S
Module 2
Carriers from 3.5t to 5.5t
Rake-2E-1400 1400 88 12 114 M2S
Module 3
Carriers from 5.5t to 7.5t
Rake-3E-1500 1500 161 12 120 M3S
Module 4
Carriers from 7.5t to 10t
Rake-4E-1400 1400 154 10 120 M4S